By | March 15, 2019

Historically, business phone systems have relied on a PABX. This has usually been a chunky piece of equipment that takes up space, consumes power and costs money to maintain.

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Thanks to the increasing trend towards IP based systems and the decision to switch off PSTN, there is now an alternative to having an in-house PABX, and that is to have your telephone system hosted in the cloud.

This offers you a cost-effective solution with greater flexibility and that gives you many more features. It’s also a solution that can be updated over time to add the latest features as they become available. The advantages of hosted telephony can be summarised as the ‘four Cs’ as follows.


A hosted system means there is no need for on-site hardware, so no capital cost and no ongoing running costs for power and maintenance. If you are getting rid of an old PABX you also, of course, reclaim some floor space that can be used for other purposes.


Switching to a hosted system gives you greater flexibility and call management options. It also allows you to take advantage of the features offered by an international VoIP wholesale provider like, so you can ensure you have the most cost-effective rates for any type of call.

In addition, a hosted system gives you more information about how your system is being used and how well it’s meeting your business needs. It can be used as part of a unified communications (UC) strategy too.

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A major advantage of a hosted system is that it can integrate all of your phone services. Both your office and mobile phones can take advantage of the functions on offer, as can staff working from branch offices or from home. Also, as your business expands your phone system’s capacity can grow along with you obviating the need for investing in extra hardware.


A failure of your phone system – even for a short time – can be disastrous in terms of lost business. A hosted system is reliable and resilient, it can be accessed from anywhere too, so if you have to move offices due to something like a flood, you can still use the same phone numbers and still have access to all of the same calling features.