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The four Cs of hosted telephony

Historically, business phone systems have relied on a PABX. This has usually been a chunky piece of equipment that takes up space, consumes power and costs money to maintain.

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Thanks to the increasing trend towards IP based systems and the decision to switch off PSTN, there is now an alternative to having an in-house PABX, and that is to have your telephone system hosted in the cloud.

This offers you a cost-effective solution with greater flexibility and that gives you many more features. It’s also a solution that can be updated over time to add the latest features as they become available. The advantages of hosted telephony can be summarised as the ‘four Cs’ as follows.


A hosted system means there is no need for on-site hardware, so no capital cost and no ongoing running costs for power and maintenance. If you are getting rid of an old PABX you also, of course, reclaim some floor space that can be used for other purposes.


Switching to a hosted system gives you greater flexibility and call management options. It also allows you to take advantage of the features offered by an international VoIP wholesale provider like, so you can ensure you have the most cost-effective rates for any type of call.

In addition, a hosted system gives you more information about how your system is being used and how well it’s meeting your business needs. It can be used as part of a unified communications (UC) strategy too.

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A major advantage of a hosted system is that it can integrate all of your phone services. Both your office and mobile phones can take advantage of the functions on offer, as can staff working from branch offices or from home. Also, as … Read More...

How to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Greener

As commercial kitchens use roughly two and a half times more energy than other buildings, and the cost of energy is increasing by six to eight per cent a year, having an energy-efficient kitchen can save thousands.

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Check out our top tips for creating a greener kitchen, saving the planet and pennies at once!


Your first task should be to install energy-efficient light bulbs and always switch lights off when finishing.


Although the upfront costs of a walk-in fridge freezer can be high, investing in a quality walk-in can save energy provided you have adequate ventilation. Bulk-buying and storing also minimises delivery charges and emissions.

Another option is refrigerated drawers which can be manually set to different temperatures and opened without disturbing the temperature of others.

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Glass doors also allow staff to see what’s inside whilst minimising the need to open doors.

Whichever refrigeration system you choose, ensure it’s on the Energy Efficiency List.


Most commercial kitchens favour six-burner cookers such as the Lincat LMR9 medium duty 6 burner gas range oven. Check for pan sensors and induction hobs, as these minimise wasted heat.

When considering grills, ensure it has individual controls for each burner, preferably with pan sensors.

Fryers incorporating automatic standby reduce costs by saving energy from heating oil when the fryer is not in use.

Incorporating a commercial combi oven into your kitchen also saves energy and space. offers a great range of combi ovens. You want one with triple-glazed doors and automatic switch-off when doors are opened.


Keeping meals hot whilst waiting for service is vital. Usually, this will be done with hot plates, but a better idea could be using drawer warmers and ensuring heat lamps have individual controls.


Sinks in a commercial kitchen …

6 Ways to Work with Food Influencers

Whatever industry you operate in, working with key influencers can boost your brand’s profile. For those operating in the food sector, here are six ways to capitalise on the power of influencers.

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1. Hospitality Reviews

If you work in the hospitality sector, such as running a restaurant or cafe, invite influencers to your venue to sample what you’ve got to offer in return for reviews. The more reviews you get, the better you can reach your target audiences. Of course, you’ll be looking to gain positive reviews, so make to offer influencers the best experience possible.

2. Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes your brand to encourage business recognition and growth. Many businesses use celebrities or other respected people to champion their products or services. According to, brand ambassadors can also be customers and, just as importantly, employees. Consider inviting influential people in the food sector to promote your brand, whether by advertising your products or creating content that demonstrates their expertise.

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3. Sponsored Posts

This marketing method involves distributing information about your products to influencers in the food sector in the hope that they’ll spread positive messages about your offering. The good thing about using sponsored posts is that you can target a wide range of influencers.

4. Product Reviews

Whether you sell a catering fridge such as those from or other food-related products, influencers can help to increase awareness of your offering by writing product reviews. These can be posted on social media or as blog content to garner likes and shares and widen your appeal.

5. Producer or Founder Stories

As more people become interested in the provenance of the products they buy, especially when it comes to food items, you can capitalise on this trend by … Read More...

Warehouse organisational tips to boost productivity

Better inventory control, improved time management and streamlined processes are all advantages of having a well-organised warehouse.

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However, getting your warehouse in order is often easier said than done. What is the best way to go about it?

Floor planning

First, creating a comprehensive floor plan is the best place to start. It will help you really see how to best use the space and where your items can go to allow for the most efficient working practices. Drawing this out can help you visualise better.

Shelving and storage

There are a wide range of shelves and storage solutions to choose from. Be sure to select durable options that will last and that meet your unique needs. Depending on your location, searching for suppliers is quite straightforward. For example, searching for ‘industrial shelving Ireland’ will bring up a range of options including Whichever option you go for, keep safety and traffic flow in mind when you install your shelving and storage.


It is always a good idea to label absolutely everything before placing any goods in the warehouse. There are many good, customised label solutions from which you can choose. A well-signed warehouse makes a huge difference in terms of productivity, saving time and money.

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Make the most of your space

Think both vertically and horizontally when it comes to maximising your warehouse space. Another good tip is to put items that aren’t purchased that often in the most hard-to-reach places. Of course, you should also take into account product size and weight. This ties back into having a good floor plan in the first place.


Schedule cleaning and repair checks frequently to ensure that your warehouse is always kept clear and that any potential problems can be spotted early and fixed … Read More...

The increased use of the at sign

In the years before computers, the Internet and email there was a symbol on a typist’s keyboard that was rarely used or more commonly forgotten about completely. This was the “at” @ and short of it being a quiz question along the lines of “what is that symbol of little a surrounded by a circle called?”, it’s use was generally minimal. When it was used people would look at it aghast and wonder why it was being used for. Jump forward to the present day and it is everywhere as the recognised symbol for “at” as it finds itself wedged between your name and the organisation you work for on your email account and personal accounts too. Professional SEO services London companies like are well aware of the importance of this symbol to the evolution of our computer and internet systems.

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Unless you worked in the business world it was unlikely that you would come across the at @. It was originally a tool used to signify the price that a product was selling at or being sold to you or your company for. So, you would expect to find one on an invoice or similar like this:

14 tractors parts @ £45 each.

In typical business terms it shortened information making things a bit more streamlined for a person reading down a long list. It would have happily played this little part in life forever until in 1972 the creators of the electronic mail coding programme were on a quest for something to complete the system they were writing. It was time for the at @ to step up and be counted.

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Ray Tomlinson had a problem. He was writing a code to create email, but he needed something that could anchor the name … Read More...