By | January 29, 2019

Nestled deep in the rural beauty of the North Cotswolds is the picturesque village of Bourton on the Water. It’s an extremely popular destination for day trippers and should also be on the itinerary for anyone spending a holiday in the region. There are many attractions such as the Birdland zoo and the Cotswold Motoring Museum plus lots of lovely boutique shops for gifts and the unusual. One of its less known attractions is the delightful situated Cotswold Perfumery. This is well worth a visit and offers a place where you can while away an hour or 2.

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Hidden down the Victoria High street across from the villages historic Victoria Hall lays the Perfumery.  It is a lovely honey colour Cotswold stone building that catches the light perfectly in the late evening sun as it cast is warm glow.  It is housed inside a three hundred year old building that is listed as Grade 2. The perfumery is much younger as it was started some fifty years ago. The business of perfume has steadily grown under the families’ ownership to the point now where it provides the scent for some of the most renowned perfume houses. These aromas are one of the reasons that Scent Marketing has become so popular in business.

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The shop itself was bought for £6,000 by the current owner’s mother. She set out to earn an income by creating natural perfumes with no animal ingredients or tests on animals. This was a ground breaking ethic that has remained a core policy of the perfumery to this day. The current owner took over the place in the mid-seventies and introduced more ranges including soaps and men’s scents. Soon, others took an interest and approached the Cotswold perfumery to produce for them. They have in their time produced perfumes for the Queen and make fragrances for prestigious French fashion houses.

You can visit the Perfumery where you will be given a tour of the factory and a history of where perfume was first developed and how we produce it now. There is a sensory garden where you can sample the natural products as they grow, such as lavender and jasmine. There are also course in perfume making that you can attended. It’s a nice day out to a small, local British success story.